Thursday, October 4, 2012

Unveiling a Brand New Logo!

A little while ago, I learned that Two Bees Creations had won a giveaway for a free logo design. We'd been wanting to make up some new business cards, so the news came just in time.

The company that we won the logo from is called Dzire to Dzine or D2D).  If you check out their website here ( you can see some of their other designs. Based out of Howrah in West Bengal, India, they have awesome customer service and were really great to work with.

They started by giving me a questionnaire to learn more about our business, our style, and our target market.  I provided some design ideas from blogs and websites I love as well.  They then took all that information and boiled it down into three proofs.  Saket was more than happy to modify the proofs as I further refined what I was looking for.  I've never made a logo before or worked with a graphic designer, and Dzire to Dzine made the process really easy.  I love the final look of the logo- it is fun and creative and captures our spirit!

Dzire to Dzine  also does web design, ad design, video production, and much more.  I especially like the web designs they have featured in their portfolio.  I highly recommend this company- maybe a website is in the future for us!  We'll be printing out out business cards with the new logo this month- so excited!

Our old logo (pretty, but did not have much to do with our business or name- we don't sell flowers!)

Our new logo (more professional and much clearer and easy to read!)

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  1. Thank you for your kind words.. It was our pleasure.. Really enjoyed working with you.. :)


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