Sunday, June 17, 2012

Honeycomb & Bumble Bee Cupcakes

I LOVE baking!  I made these from the "What's New, Cupcake" book by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson.  What a great book- so many idea for cupcakes for any party or season.  

These are vanilla cupcakes with sugar cookies on top that, when put next to eachother, look a lot like a honeycomb.  The book said to put some honey inside each hexagon.  That would have looked nice, but I thought that would make them too sweet (and too messy- I was bringing them to work!).  

The most difficult and time intensive part was cutting out the hexagons from the cookie dough.  Those were made separate and then placed on top of the cupcakes after lightly frosting them.  There was a template to use, but in the end after baking the sugar cookies the lines were not totally straight.  Maybe it gives them character :P

Instead of using black jelly beans to make the bees (as the book instructed), I used yellow and brown peanut M&Ms.  More people like the flavor of chocolate than black licorice, I've found.

I'm not sure if I'd make these again, but they were well received by the people who ate them.  They definitely go with our Etsy Shop name, though!

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  1. These are seriously cute!! Good call on using mm's instead of black jelly beans :)


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